Basturma / Sujuch


History : The first mention of Basturma dates back to 95-45 BC and takes us to Armenia, which was ruled by the powerful king TIGRAN the Great .Armenian merchants traveled to trade in distant lands such as China and India. During the long journeys, these merchants packed homemade food that will guide them through bad times. At first, only traditional vegetable dishes were packed for the journey, and when these merchants returned, they strongly craved the meat and other flavors of their country. It is believed that the technology of air drying (the meat) was developed during this time. Air drying prolonged the shelf life of beef, so air-dried meat Basturma was created. Its use is also mentioned in Byzantium.

Interesting Fact : Who is the king who has the most number of operas dedicated to him?Curiously enough, that King is Tigran the Great, King of the Kingdom of Armenia in 95-55 BC.There are 23 operas ‼️about him in total, written by known European composers.This might be good news for lovers of music and opera in particular, as well as for those interested in history of Armenia.

BEEF SUJUCH (Armenian edition) - New sausage!  

Sujuch, raw meat that has not been heat treated. Beef, as well as various spices are used as raw materials for cooking. It is a common food in Armenian cuisine.The main ingredients of Sujuch recipe are minced meat (usually beef or lamb) ,cumin, sumac, garlic, salt, red or pepper.

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