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Approximately 1800 meters above sea level, on Armenia’s southwestern border, lies Khachik, a rural community home to panoramic mountainscapes, just over one thousand villagers, and the highest elevation vineyards in the world to produce méthode traditionnelle. Keush sparkling was born with a desire to create a product that married extreme high elevation farming and un- grafted ancient varietals. The vineyards are planted on the rich volcanic soil. It is an opus with a 6000year origin. Keush is a pioneer in making a Methode Traditionelle sparkling wine from indigenous Armenian grape varietals and the result is an explosion of crispness and freshness in the mouth.


“The grapes for my Keush Origins sparkling wine come from there,” Keushguerian says, pointing at the region of Khachik. It's right up against the border of Azerbaijan, close to the trenches in a militarized zone. “To make sense of wine in Armenia, we need to accept that it is a combination of history, geography, resilience, and defiance—plus a sense of duty to our ancestors,” he continues. “Wine is a way to introduce people to Armenia. You see its reality through its wine.”


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