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200 years of successive winemaking finesse


Ancestral vineyard

Repatriating from Persia in the beginning of the 19th century Maran and her family settled in the village of Artabuynk. They planted the first vineyard of the village and started making wine. The vineyard was located on the slopes of the gorge where Artabuynk village is nesting. Amidst the volcanic soil and staggering altitude of more than 1600 m this hard to reach site was a blessed realm for a grapvine to grow.

The vineyard was cultivated throughout the 19th century and up to 1920s when soviet government nationalised it. After the collapse of the soviet union the vineyard was abandoned for more than 30 years...

In 2021 Maran family could reclaim back the ancestral, 200 years old vineyard planted by Maran herself. This bush vineyard soaked in the first water in decades, got a fresh pruning and greeted us with new blossoms. It’s coming back to life and will bear fruits next year.

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