TRINITY "ANCESTORS" Amphora Red Dry Wine 2018

Vintage : 2019
Grapes : 100% Areni Noir
Winery : TRINITY
Production Type : full-bodied red wine
Drinking Maturity : trinkreif
Wine Country Origin : Armenia
Wine Region : Aghavnadzor,Vayots Dzor

45.00 CHF 45.0 CHF

45.00 CHF

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Wine Description

This inimitable wine is made from Areni Noir grapes harvested from centuries-old own-rooted vineyards. It was naturally fermented for over a month and macerated for 5 months in karas, the Armenian terracotta vessels, buried in the ground. The wine is unfined, unfiltered. No added sulfates and eggs. This outstanding expression of Areni Noir grapes combines elegance of air with roughness of earth. Subtle, yet powerful tannins, expressed acidity and long finish create an exceptional balance and complexity. Similarly made wine was used by the villagers of Aghavnadzor as a substitute for water in early 20th century (about 2 liters per day). Elegant fruity bouquet with the typical scents of ripe black fruits, accompanied by the notes of spice and leather. Pairs well with red meats, spicy dishes and hard cheeses.