Vintage : 2022
Grapes : Muscat
Winery : TUSHPA
Wine Country Origin : Armenia
Wine Region : Ararat Region

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25.00 CHF

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Wine Description

Crafted from 100% indigenous Muscat grapes of the Ararat Valley, this dry wine boasts a rich flavor and surprising freshness. Its pleasant, floral bouquet is complemented by hints of tropical fruits. Prior to bottling, it was stored in stainless steel, emphasizing its quality and purity.

In comparison to other white grape varieties, the Muscat grape stands out due to its lengthy growing season. It buds early and matures relatively late, owing to both soil structure and the continental climate. Carefully hand-harvested grapes undergo fermentation at a temperature of +9°C. This wine presents a pleasant, floral bouquet with subtle fruity undertones and pairs exceptionally well with spicy dishes.